2019 Southern Colorado Handbell Festival Evaluation

Thank you for participating in the Southern Colorado Handbell Festival! Filling out and submitting this evaluation helps us to plan for next year. Fill out any/all of the fields below to share your feedback.

We know that some groups do their Festival “debriefs” together and the director submits the evaluation; you may continue to follow this process and/or encourage your ringers to complete the evaluation individually! We are happy to receive feedback from groups as well as individuals. A printable sheet is available here for you to use when discussing with your group, if you’d like to take notes on a hard copy and submit your feedback later (via the form on this page).

If you would prefer to remain anonymous in your feedback, simply leave the name and email fields blank. Of course if you’re willing to provide that information, we would love to be able to follow up with you to see how we did at addressing your suggestions.

About You
Before the Festival – What feedback do you have about...
Any issues or things to improve for next year?
Timeliness, methods of communication, responses to any questions you had, etc.
What did you like, what additional website content would be helpful, what didn't you like, etc.
The 2019 Festival Itself – What feedback do you have about...
About Future Festivals – We'd love to hear your thoughts/suggestions!
* If you would like a copy of your completed evaluation, resize the text boxes to fit your answers (by clicking and dragging the arrow in the lower right corner of the text box) and then press Ctrl+P (Windows), Cmd+P (Mac), or right click and choose 'Print' BEFORE submitting your evaluation. *

Are you interested in joining the committee and helping out with future festivals? Fill out the form here with your contact information and someone from the current committee will contact you.